Hide The Hooch

by Forever And A Day

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released November 1, 2013

Forever And A Day were:
Max Priest (Vocals)
Kyle Burgess (Lead guitar)
Taylor Cawsey (Rhythm Guitar)
Cameron McMaster (Bass)
James Edge (Drums)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rhys Zacher of Spinlight Studio Eleebana, Newcastle.

Photography by Christian McGuinness



all rights reserved


Forever And A Day Newcastle, Australia

Straight outta Newcastle comes an act that can only be described as a punky, screamy and crunchy centered outfit with no respect for parking regulations or midgets.
Forever and A Day is the name, giving you a reason to run around in a circle with a bunch of angst ridden strangers is the game.
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Track Name: Las Siente
Track Name: Fall
Fall before a sea of words,
stare out into a plane of wide open metaphors,
it all seems so big, doesn't it
I wander off from place to place

Come back and find what I may
regretting that my mind led astray (x2)

Things true to me are my best works of art,
you were a disaster, frail and fell apart
a leech, you held on for so long (all by yourself)
Track Name: Bogan Party Anthem (Feat Jamie Yerbury)
Gonna throw a big party/ With a sack of Goonie
with some randoms and my band
Gonna hit up all the babes 'till we get a one night stand
So let the gangas line on up/ We'll hit the shots 'till we throw up
And we won't stop 'till our Commodore does

In the 'burbs where the department of housing is king
We got our hopes up for a drunken fling
Waking up to the sound of a puking bimbo
leg it man/ bail out/ through the door/ get away
Who the fuck called the Po Po?

Drag race (Of your face)
Get Maced (Wear Lace)
then pass out on the lawn
Do your best friend's sister/ even though she has a mister now
Do it 'till the break of dawn
Let the bass keep dropping down
We'll drink until we hit the ground
What the hell is stain on the leather lounge? (my bad)


All the lads and chicks gather around (x2)
And they will fight through the night for their right to party
And they won't stop what they are doing 'till the song hits repeat.
Track Name: Happy Breakdown
Today I am leaving this town
Maybe I'll see your face in the crowd
In a book or a magazine or a memory
Or maybe I'll be spitting on you in the gutter
Who knows where you'll end up next

Where are you heading now, my old friend?
I think I know where
I just didn't know how you'd get there.

In the arms of some naive boy
you were searching for love in all the wrong places,
while another one then searches the manifold,
for the one he used to know.
As a matter of fact I'm perfectly intact
and you'll never be complete again
so have fun with the time you have left
and try your best to find an end

Where have you been?
What have you seen?
You've got me writing on the walls
Someday, I'll be kicking down your door
You know what it's like to burn
Track Name: Here Again With An Even Score (Feat Josh Setterfield of Call the Shots)
I wonder if I'm waiting too
Just sitting in this room like the rest of you
I never know what to say, I never know what to do

(Pre Chorus)
Maybe I'm just a pawn
on the front line for this inevitable war,
back here again with an even score,
It's nothing you haven't heard before

I hope you find what you're looking for, inside the case
You'll find out all about me and more
I can only hope
That with every word you read you can relate to me
But then again it's nothing you haven't heard before
(you haven't heard before)

Can someone tell me is this still the end?
They destroyed the place that we used to lay our heads
Maybe the is the start of something good
You're a promising prospect and I'm good for one more round with you.
Track Name: Frail Blue Sky
Bring it back for a minute, before we say something we regret
Those moments where so true, I'll never forget
How can I perfectly say what I've always wanted to?
I'll bring it back for a minute and think this whole thing through

Making times for all of your crimes was never so easy to do
Then those frail blue eyes never fail to bring me back to you

Something tells me we'll never see this one through
Then I open my eyes and look upon the frail blue
I never thought we would make it this far
Now we're standing here under the frail blue

I'm barely awake but I'm punching through
Every minute, every second under the frail blue.